Top 9 tips for lace front wigs

February 19, 2013 in best human hair extensions for black hair

Use these tips for every day wig wearing, so you’ll never feel like you need to run home just to fix your style!

Tips for lace front wigs

Just because you can buy a wig with an AMAZING faux hairline doesn’t mean you should neglect the hairline that God gave to you!

So you have to know this tip,

How to wear wigs without damaging edges?

How to pluck hairline on lace wig?

Why do you pluck it?

It makes it look more realistic by giving the wig a less obvious start.

Just like your real hair is thinner at the edges.

How to apply a lace front wig step by step?

1. Cut your lace in a zigzag motion.

2. Leave about 1cm of extra lace at the front of your hairline.

3. Tint your lace with a color 1 level darker than your skin tone to avoid flashback.

4. Use spritz + an elastic band for 15 mins to achieve a melted look.

5. Use a wax stick and a hot comb in sections in order to achieve a flatter look.

Bleaching knots on a lace wig

How do you make sure you don’t bleach the hair?

Comb back the hair with freeze spray. use the measurements i showed when mixing your bleach for the perfect consistency.

The tip is to not make it runny so that it doesn’t run down on the hair.

How to fix an over bleached wig?

Grab some mascara,this gives a more natural part than the black spray.

I feel like I like this a little better cause the brush makes it looks like hair strokes.

Do you have to glue a lace front wig?

Take a break from gluing the wig down.

How to fix an old lace front wig?

Stop throwing your expensive wigs away and just replace the lace.

New frontal + old tracks , Reduce reuse recycle!!

Add highlights to wig

A very beginner friendly technique to creating a highlight effect by using blonde bundles as tracks to glue onto the frontal wig.

How to wrap a lace front wig at night?

Absolute game changer!!