human hair lace wig cap construction for African american

June 29, 2017 in cap construction

lace wig cap construction

My work is contact with clients, how to choose their needing lace wig cap construction.

I met many people, this is their first time to buy a wig.

They do not know which lace wig cap construction fit for them.

Now this article, i will write all of cap construction features.

lace wig cap construction

glueless full lace cap

glueless full lace wig

Full lace wig cap have glueless cap and cap needing glue to fix.

glueless cap with elastic band at back, can adjust the cap size.

cap needing glue to fix, all lace with stretch lace at crown.

If u want to the wig looks more natural, u can choose with silk top.


lace wig cap construction

4×4 silk top full lace


4×4 silk top wig

normally, full lace wig with 4*4 silk top.

when u part it, the parting like your own skin.

can make the high ponytail.


lace wig cap construction

lace front with weft back cap


lace front wig

the wig hairline come pre plucked,

Lace front cap have with silk top or without silk top.

the hair wefts on back, Summer most choice,

it is breathable.

lace wig cap construction

u part wig cap


U part wig

The cheapest cap is U-PART wig.

1.5inch*2inch part,

almost no lace, full cap is Elastic net.


lace wig cap construction

360 lace wig cap

360 lace wig 

Lace around perimeter with wefts in the middle.

pre plucked hairline,bleached knots,baby hair.

front 4 inch deep part, back 1 inch deep part.

the wig comes with elastic bands at back and 4 combs attached on the sides




When u know that, it is easy to choose which cap better for u.



How to Buy Suitable Yourself Natural Human Hair Wigs Online

November 27, 2014 in cap construction

How to Buy Natural Human Hair Wigs Online

The hair is the glory of the woman.

Many times, when women are ready out, the hardest thing to do is choose a suitable hair. 

Choosing correctly,you may save time and be happy.

we will teach u  how to buy a suitable human hair wig online, as follows:

Step 1: wig style

Currently,there are much more options for you to choose in the market,

for example,italian yaki, yaki straight,light yaki,body wave,natural straight,curly and so on.

Choose your liking texture, length according to your face.

How to Buy Natural Human Hair Wigs Online

Step 2: hair color

The most important part of wig selection is choosing the right color.

The right color can make or break how your wig looks,

or rather how you look in the wig.If you have brown skin,

light can’t be your choice.It’s possible to get highlights in a wig.

When in doubt,

choose a lighter shade because darker hues can overwhelm your face and make you look pale.

How to Buy Natural Human Hair Wigs Online

How to Buy Natural Human Hair Wigs Online

Step 3: hair density

How to Buy Natural Human Hair Wigs Online

Step 4: cap construction

Many mistakenly think that the method of cap construction is inconsequential

because the cap sits underneath the wig unit and is invisible.

However, the construction of the cap is actually a highly important factor when choosing a natural-looking wig.

How to Buy Natural Human Hair Wigs Online

Step 5: return policy

Make sure you can return the wig within a reasonable length of time without a restocking fee,

in case the wig is not a good fit or in case there are any other problems with it.Additionally,

it is advisable that you check that the seller has a good reputation and enough experience with human hair wigs.

wig cap under lace wig — 6 lace cap constructions classiclacewigs

November 24, 2014 in cap construction

When we purchase a human hair wig, will choose texture, length and color,

The most important thing is that u need choose a suitable wig cap under lace wig,cap size and medium lace color.

now let us know a lot about cap construction from classiclacewigs.

wig cap under lace wig

full lace wig (we called cap1)

bleached knots, can be parted anywhere,

stretch in the middle, need fix to glue.

wig cap under lace wig

glueless full lace wig(we called cap2)

have elastic band at back,can adjust the cap size. with 6 combs or clips.

stretch straps more comfortable.

wig cap under lace wig

lace front wig(we called cap4)

3inch lace in the front. elastic band at back, can adjust the cap size.

wig cap under lace wig

full lace wig with silk top(we called cap5)

with silk top looks more natural. bleached knots.

need glue to fix.

wig cap under lace wig

glueless with silk top full lace wig(we called cap6)

with silk top looks more natural. with 6 combs or clips.

no need glue to fix. elastic band at back, can adjust cap size.

wig cap under lace wig

wig cap under lace wig

Lace around & weft in the center 4 combs inside

Adjustable straps in the back

silk top gives a scalp-looking part

Circumstance: 22.5 inches

Front Lace Width:4 inches

Back Lace Width: 1 inch

wig cap under lace wig

classic lace wigs have all the cap construction.

By knowing a lot about cap construction,

it is so easy to choose the most suitable wig for yourself.


human hair wig wholesale china manufacturers

April 16, 2013 in cap construction

human hair wig wholesale china manufacturers

If you want to start a business and you are trying to find a better supplier,

You have to spend some time understanding the product through and through before jumping into your business venture.

People need to understand that the beauty industry has been this way.

The Asians source and manufacture the hair they control it.

Is ours really good quality or is it just basic Aliexpress quality?

Aliexpress Prices were absurdly lowin my opinion.

In all our products the accent is on quality.

We aim to provide quality at reasonable prices.

you get what you pay for.

human hair wig wholesale china manufacturers 

how long do remy human hair wigs last?

tbh it also depends on how often you wear the wig, how you comb it,

how you wash it and the quality of the hair.

you’re honestly not going to know till you try it, just have a go.

human hair wig wholesale china manufacturers

Granted long time ago Europeans wore wigs, but they stopped.

Black women have been doing it more within few decades, that they have truly mastered the art.

Three-quarters of our customers are African American female.

there are 10 different types of wig cap constructions,

Learning about wig cap construction should help you choose a wig that will suit your needs.

When choosing a wig, it’s important to consider the cap construction.

However, you need to have knowledge about what to buy

so that you don’t waste a lot of money on things you won’t be able to sell.

“Long as I don’t have to do anything I don’t mind investing in quality.” 

then I recommend silk base wigs.

human hair wig wholesale china manufacturers

silk base wig italian yaki

human hair wig wholesale china manufacturers

I encourage new owners to take advantage of all of the free marketing that’s out there.

Nowadays, we have so much free marketing available to us that really works like

Instagram, Facebook, Tic Toc, Snapchat, etc,

but marketing should be taken into account.

When you play nice you will always get a beautiful true fans that love you for you and that all it matter.

I hope this is helpful for people who want to get into the business whether black or not.

What is Wig Ventilation?

February 19, 2013 in cap construction

What is Wig Ventilation

The wig ventilating method incorporates a process similar to making a latch-hook rug.
Using a ventilating hook, the wig maker ties strands of hair to foundation.
This method of wig-making dates back to King Louis XVI, who wore a wig to disguise his hair loss.
Wigs are still made using this process, perhaps because it produces the most natural-looking result.

What is Wig Ventilation

Ventilating Materials
Creating a wig begins with the foundation, which is a cap-like structure designed to snugly fit the head.
Foundations are usually made from some combination of nylon and cotton lace.
The hair is then woven into the foundation a few strands at a time using a metal ventilating hook.
For the most natural results,human hair  is used.
Synthetic hair is made with plastic polymers, so can be unnaturally shiny.
It’s also difficult to create a wig that has a natural-looking part when using synthetic hair.
Ventilating Process
Using only a few strands at a time, the wig maker draws the hair through the wig foundation with the ventilating hook.
The hair is then kept in place by tying a small knot.
To make a believable full lace wig, this process will be repeated as many as 40,000 times.
Around the edges of the wig, to re-create a believable hairline,
the wig maker will use only a single strand of hair in the ventilating process.
The creator of the wig will use a variety of hair colors for subtle differences in shading.
What is Wig Ventilation

wig ventilating

The less artful way to create lace wigs is by using a method called wefting.
In this process, machines are used to sew swatches of hair onto the foundation.
The lack of delicacy of this process leads to a bushier hairpiece, with no natural part,
but a wig produced by this method will be less expensive.
Mass-produced lace closure wigs are made using wefting.
What is Wig Ventilation

 ventilate lace wig

More Tips for Natural Wigs
The most natural-looking wigs are a result of tailoring the hairpiece to a specific person’s measurements.
The better the wig fits, the more organic the presentation.
Although wigs made from the ventilation process are the most believable-looking,
a machine-made wig can be made to appear more natural when a strip of mesh is attached to the hairline,
consisting of hairs that have been individually woven through using the ventilation method.
 What is Wig Ventilation


Six Basic Types of Wigs-Two

February 18, 2013 in cap construction

Hand-tied synthetic wigs are produced by taking synthetic fiber tied into a base material.

The style and hair growth pattern or curl pattern is permanently set.

They can be easy to care for plus a fantastic selection for ladies seeking to modify up their seek out particular occasions or just for anything diverse.

Best glueless full lace wigs are determined by the type of Human Hair that is applied together with the cap construction.

Human lace wigs with silk top call for additional time for care and styling just like your personal hair would.

You’ll need to program on restyling just after every shampooing.

You’ll want to use a a lot more excellent shampoo and comb out thoroughly following every wash.

Vacuum base wigs are on the larger finish line and will call for some upfront investment of cash and time.

They can be custom designed to fit your own head.

Be prepared to possess a plaster mold taken of your head to make certain proper suction of your wig to your head.

The base material is silicone based with European hair injected into the base.

This can be an option for ladies experiencing total hair loss.

They’re able to be somewhat warm but are properly worth the natural look of all-natural hair.

Custom breathable base wigs are a good decision for girls experiencing Alopecia Totalis (total hair loss).

A higher high-quality prosthesis is applied with tiny ventilation holes that delivers outstanding fit,

comfort and organic hairline.

You may would like to style and care for this item inside the exact same manner as naturally developing hair.

It does on the other hand require to be replaced every single 3 to 4 months.

Where to locate wigs on the web is simple and takes tiny more than a fast search

and some time spent researching the supply to create confident that they are reputable.

But, picking out your wig on-line is a different story.

Because of the nature from the items along with the situation of hygiene,

wigs are generally not returnable so you might want to be fairly certain of what you wish just before you order.

This takes us back towards the high-end boutiques and shops.

A check out to such a location will let you the chance to attempt on distinct styles,

colors and brands to ensure that you could be sure of what will search best on you.

Most are satisfied to provide a free of charge consultation and perform with you to find some celebrity wigs with no obligation for you to purchase.

In case you can afford to get from them, then by all signifies do so.

But, for those that are in need to have of a wig but are on a tight price range,

you are able to create down the style,

brand and color that you are interested in and search for it on the net.

Shop close to and try to discover your self the very best deal.

Exactly where to find silk top lace wigs is definitely the effortless part-choosing the one particular

that you simply are satisfied with is where you might want to concentrate your energy.

Simulated scalp wig vs Lace Front

January 31, 2013 in cap construction

The hair is the most elevated part of the body and was therefore considered a portal for spirits to pass through to the soul.

Simulated scalp wig vs Lace Front

what is a simulated scalp wig?

The simulated scalp wig is also called fake scalp wig.that’s extra lace on lace front wig.

Some ladies like the simulated scalp better because they don’t have to add powder or pluck it,

and if your not familiar with bleaching knots your risking ruining the unit.

there’s hundreds of YouTube videos of black women transforming LACE FRONT wigs into masterpieces.

Watch a few tutorials and I can assure you can save your money.

Simulated scalp wig vs Lace Front

Simulated scalp wig vs Lace Front

Both work for different people and for different reasons.

Some ladies like the simulated scalp since you don’t need to add any makeup to the parting space or the edge of the hairline….

HOWEVER, you couldn’t pluck it due to the scalp being there.

So lace front wigs look more natural around the hairline

BUT the simulated scalp have the long natural looking parting space without makeup.

HD lace front wig human hair

Black Americans, being largely of mixed-race stock,

possess every natural hair texture known to man.

Some choose to wear wigs, a great grooming time saver,

or because they enjoy differing choices.

I figure it’s the woman’s own business to wear what she chooses.

They have been conditioned to believe their natural hair is not beautiful,

and the standard of beauty caters toward long straight hair.

Simulated scalp wig vs Lace Front

13×4 hd lace front wig straight 

Thanks to lace front wigs, changing looks has never been this easy!

Lace front wigs are very stylish and very natural looking so people often choose this kind of wig .