Silk top full lace wigs

What dose silk top mean on a wig?

Through the invisible hair knots technology,

workers hang up the hairs into the silk base.

Almost completely imitate human scalp,so named silk top wigs.

silk top full lace wigs

Classic lace wigs silk top wigs different other hair companies.

Because we use the three nets,

  • first layer is silk base
  • second layer is swiss lace
  • third layer is diamond net

In order to help customers use it more longer time,avoid the problem of shedding.

The silk top wigs different from other common full lace wigs,

with the silk top more naturally looking ,almost can not see it wig.

You wont find any other ventilation technique that creates a more flawless appearance than hidden knots on a silk top.

silk top full lace wigs

yaki silk top lace wig