pre plucked deep wave wig

December 31, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

I normally will go through a reputable company..classiclacewigs is the one.

i especially like pre plucked deep wave wig and italian yaki wig.

pre plucked deep wave wig

I did wanted to try one that was close to my natural hair texture,

so 360 lace wig deep wave pattern was very close.

I love the Brazilian hair and pre plucked deep wave wig  was curlier

and seem to have layers for a fuller look.

I made the bleach a little too runny,

some of it seeped through onto the dark hair and bleached the hair.

The hair remained soft and curly with no damage.

This tells me pre plucked deep wave wig is 100% human hair.

pre plucked deep wave wig

pre plucked deep wave wig

13×6 deep wave lace front wig

The lace was medium brown so if your lightskin  I would suggest getting transparent.

the hair also came true to length and is full from root to the end.

I added some foundation to make it look even better and melt on my scalp.

So far no comments from anyone taller than me telling me they can see my tracks.

Add a little Mielle mousse and deep wave hair is flawless and juicy.

sometimes I don’t have time to let the hair dry ,

I just apply, wet , brush, and go.

When it’s dry it’s full and curly.

italian yaki full lace wig

It’s a solid go-to wig.

there is more lace to make deeper parts.

I’m able to part it in any side,do different styles.

it’s super soft to touch and run fingers through.

 italian yaki full lace wig really does mimic black people hair.

I like natural rather than glamorous volume.

You can flat iron it to wear it straight,wash it and it’ll go right back.

This is my any event wig: holidays , school , work , gym , and etc.

italian yaki full lace wig



kinky curly human hair wig | african american wigs cheap

November 14, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

kinky curly human hair wig

If you are a sucker for curly voluminous hair, and kinky curly human hair wig is just that!

how to detangle kinky curly wig

The maintenance is pretty simple as long as you follow the directions for the upkeep.

The curls are beautiful and easy to detangle.

  • Fingers to manage your kinky curly wigs—finger detangle.
  • It’s extremely easy to maintain with a once a week co-wash and once a week wash.
  • kinky curly unit does need mouse and moisture to keep a wet looking curl pattern but it still looks good dry and fluffed out.
  • you can add the Quenching coconut curls styling milk to your unit while it’s wet.After you put the styling milk on it, seal it with some oil and it stays defined all day.

silk top kinky curly wig

If you like big hair, do not purchase this wig.

silk top kinky curly wig is affordable,

and made well enough to be comfortable even on long busy days,

no Grey and reddish hairs scattered throughout.

kinky curly wigs for African american look good wet or dry look,

if u want wet look all u need is water and conditioner

and some curly creme you good to go.

kinky curly human hair wig

silk top kinky curly wig

kinky curly 360 lace frontal wig

a veteran lace front wig wearer,

I suggest you do your own baby hair, glue the wig on and then cut the lace.

Be careful cutting the lace near the baby hair .

the knots on the lace are small, if you do not want to bleach the knots all,

you have to do is put makeup on the lace and it will look natural,

or use knots healer to quickly bleach the knots on the wig.

the length is accurate,also it goes by stretch length not curls.

kinky curly human hair wig

kinky curly 360 lace frontal wig

12 inch kinky curly wig for older women

it truly makes older women feel younger!!

It came just at my neck, well below my jawline and just resting on my shoulders (12″), I’m 5’2″.

Can the hair be dyed or bleached?

All the original human hair can be dyed and bleached safely up to #27.

All the per-bleached human hair can not bleach again.

Usually it’s easier to darken the hair than lighten.



How to Select a Hair Style for face shape female

December 15, 2014 in african american human hair full lace wigs

It is so important for you to choose right hair style.

Most women look great with right hair,

and the chosen hair style is a kind of reflection of women’s sense on fashion and beauty.

Every hair style and hair cut will be good looking when fitting your facial shape,

so you shall choose hairstyles based on your facial shapes.









hair style for face shape female

Normally, the length of oval face is 2.5 times as the width and the forehead is a bit wider than jaw.

Hair stylists consider oval as perfect facial shape,

so many hair cuts and styles are suitable for this shape.

The most suitable hair style for oval shape is with layers,

as this hair style can highlight the cheekbones, lips or chin on the face.

However, short layer at the top of head is not suggested, since it will make oval face with a longer look.

Also, blunt cut is not recommended to women with oval face and also thick and curly hair.

hair style for face shape female

oval face curly hair

Square face is featured with strong angular lines on the face.

It is not suggested to wear short hair styles because it will make the angular lines stronger.

Chin-length hair style is suitable for this facial shape due to its softness and texture.

Also it will be excellent if you choose a drawn back style and the back of head will be full of hair to highlight cheekbones.

hair style for face shape female

curly hairstyles for square faces

hair style for face shape female

Round face has the features of round chin, which makes the face look wide.

Women with round face shall try to narrow the width of hair on the sides,

and around the ears in order to make the face look slimmer.

The following hair styles are not suggested on round face, such as center partings,

full fringes and one-length hair cut or blunt cut on short hair.

hair style for face shape female

hair style for face shape female

Heart face shape is with wide forehead and a narrow chin.

Also eyes and cheekbones are dominant visible areas on the face.

For women with longer hair, you can use wavy layers around your cheekbones,

which makes your chin look rounder.

For women with shorter hair, you can use the top layers or side-swept bangs.

hair style for face shape female

Hanging straight hair is not suitable for Oblong face.

It is recommended to choose hair styles such as bob cut,

which will widen the face a little and make this face look softer.

hair style for face shape female