Kinky curly hd wig | kinky curly wig human hair

January 28, 2022 in hd lace front wig human hair

The human hair kinky curly HD wig can melt how you want it to if you work with it.

Been buying from different stores but finally I’ve found this one that put a smile on my face.

I just love wearing this as it is so feminine, soft, flattering.

kinky curly hd wig

as far as styling, the curl pattern will not lose its shape.

The ends feel great and it doesn’t get tangled easily!

kinky curly hd wig blends well when using concealer.

360 kinky curly hd wig 150 density thick and the curls lay nicely.

As long as you take care of it as your natural hair it will last long.

kinky curly hd wig

kinky curly hd wig

how to detangle kinky curly wig

I use Tresemme Curl Hydrate shampoo and conditioner,

Hask Keratin Protein leave- in spray,

and Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Leave-In treatment to get the best look.

you can put oil on it to keep it silky and

it’s easier to get the pronged brush through it without tearing out the hair.


Only just finger comb for detangling kinky curly hair to prevent tangles and shedding .

If you used a regular comb or a wig brush the hair will tangle more and shed.


I installed it with Got 2b Glue Freeze Spray and braided it into 8 individual braids at night,

adding a little mousse to the ends,

rolling the braids with 2 flexi bend rollers (4 braids to each roller) and wore a cap.

kinky curly wig lace front

The lace part is 13×4 which was nice,

If you don’t like lace all the way around then it is perfect.

the hairline came plucked nicely, and i added powder to hide the knots.

I love that the back bottom has a tighter curl than the front,no tracks are showing.

I allow kinky curly hd wig to air dry on my wig stand so the curls are more defined.

This 13×4 kinky curly wig does have a few flyaways,

but nothing that can’t be fixed with some wax stick, mousse, or freeze spray.

Can’t rate longevity yet, but it has potential.

hd lace frontal wigs human hair

December 11, 2021 in hd lace front wig human hair

hd lace frontal wigs human hair

the lace it’s thin and melts very well into the skin the hair.

HD lace melt with all skin perfectly.

skin melt invisible hd lace wigs very popular.

regular swiss lace is soft and stretch,

but may need to be tinted/make up applied if it doesn’t match up well.

hd lace frontal wigs human hair

HD lace


hd lace 360 wig

 human hair kinky curly hd lace 360 wig was already pre plucked.

Curls are tight but still have accurate length and can be fluffed out.

If you sleep with it glued down, simply braid it at night while damp.

It helps to manage the wave pattern.

hd lace frontal wigs human hair

hd lace kinky curly

hd lace wigs 13×6

it’s ear to ear 13 inches, 6 inches deep part.

22.5 inch medium cap with adjustable strap and 4 combs, easy to adjust & durable.

pre plucked hairline with baby hair.

Easy for on the use and if you’re looking for a quick fix.

hd lace frontal wigs human hair

depending on how you like to style your wigs,

the wider lace can provide a more realistic hairline.

If you like to wear your bangs across your forehead,

you may not need as much lace,

but if you wear the bangs up,

more lace would be better if you’re looking for something seamless.

hd lace wigs kinky straight

The hair is soft and very convenient for lazy hair days.

its great for everyday use.

hd lace wigs kinky straight looks like natural relax or press.

natural color and #1b are available,#1 ,#2 and #4 need to custom.

hd lace frontal wigs human hair

hd lace wigs kinky straight


hd undetectable lace wigs | cheap human hair wigs for african american

October 25, 2021 in hd lace front wig human hair

hd undetectable lace wigs

The lace goes with any skin tone,the lace is hardly noticeable it’s almost invisible.

hd lace wigs pre plucked and bleached knots ,very easy for you to customize the hairline.

out the package running your fingers through it will shed a little, not much.

but if you flip the wig inside out and mist the lace with got 2b (or any strong) hairspray and let it air dry that will stop the shedding.

hd lace frontal wigs come pre plucked with baby hairs front and back so you can wear in a ponytail.

hd lace wig deep wave

its full not thin at all its constructed and well put together with care,t after shampooing and conditioning, the curls was out of this world.

When you want the curls defined I use water and Camille Rose Almond Jai twisting butter.

You can also use water and a mousse specifically for defining curls and don’t forget the holy grail which is the deman brush. Do maintenance is fairly simple.

Saving it for bae-cation with your hubby.

Can you straighten the deep wave hair ?

You can straighten this hair. But normally, we don’t recommend customer to straighten wavy hair,

because it will easily damage hair texture, and you need to deep condition it more often after straightened your hair.

But If you like the straight hair, you can also go directly to our website to buy straight hair.

hd undetectable lace wigs

hd lace wig deep wave

hd undetectable lace wigs

Once shampooed,The curls came right back,The best thing about hd lace wigs water wave wig is it’s very lightweight.

You can go from a very defined loose wave, to this curly texture as well as this beautiful blown out soft, effortless free flowing loose waves that are so soft and fluffy.

The nap can get tangled so make sure you add a product with a little oil in that area to maintain the friction that causes it to get tangled.

Remember to brush the ends out first then slowly work your way up to the root.

hd undetectable lace wigs

hd lace wigs water wave

hd undetectable lace wigs

IF you wanted to stray away from extensions because you wanted to damage as little of your hair as possible, hd lace wig yaki is amazing! 

yaki wig that has a more natural texture appearance for an African American woman,it looks like it’s growing directly out of my scalp!

this is the most manageable,it flat iron so well leaving the hair with a relaxed appearance.

hd undetectable lace wigs

hd lace wigs yaki

 hd lace wigs kinky straight

you will love kinky straight hair cause it mimics African American hair texture and people thought it was your natural hair.

it is easy to take care of.

Is this only for black people?

I would say it is a thick texture that may be best for African American.

Any race could wear it, Depends on the look you’re trying to achieve.

hd undetectable lace wigs

african american natural kinky hair wigs


skin melt hd lace wigs | HD lace wigs vendor

September 27, 2021 in hd lace front wig human hair

skin melt hd lace wigs

The HD lace was very transparent and lays down to look like its coming from your scalp.

skin melt hd lace wigs

skin melt invisible hd lace

 skin melt hd lace wigs so popular now,

the lace just disappears on it’s on your scalp.

The HD Lace wigs can match your dress, tops,

or any outfits for normal and special occasions including going to church,

working place, party, gathering, chilling or any public place.

it can be used for a long time and repeatedly,

it also looks more natural, feels softer and smoother than other wig.

hd lace wigs water wave

Thick hair,True to length when stretched,No odor.

Hair is soft, manageable and overall great quality.

if The cut did look a little choppy right out the pack but after washing,

blow drying and flat ironing on a low setting it blends nicely.

I just normally shampoo to remove build up but I regularly condition the hair to keep it soft.

If you’re looking for a loose curl type or wavy on the go wig this is it!

hd lace wigs water wave

hd lace frontal straight wig

For curlier textures I use more moisture and oils

but for body wave and straight I’ll use things like heat protectant and maybe a little serum after styling.

because it is human hair you can curl or flat iron it to change the look of the wig.

I bought this wig because I wanted a smart, professional look.

It stays straight without having to flat iron it.

I initially cowashed this hair with Pantene Cowash Gold Series and it made this hair feel like butter.

This wig cap came in medium by default,

however if you need a different size make sure you request it before purchasing.

skin melt hd lace wigs

hd lace frontal straight wig

how long do hd lace wigs last?

The lifespan of an HD lace wig depends on several factors, such as:

Quality of the wig: The better the quality of the wig, the longer it will last.

Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of the wig.

Usage: The frequency of use and the way the wig is worn and styled can also impact its lifespan.

Typically, a high-quality HD lace wig can last up to 1 year or more with proper care and maintenance.

However, it’s important to note that the lifespan of a wig can vary greatly depending on individual usage and care habits.

skin melt hd lace wigs

how to keep a HD lace wig on while swimming?

It is not recommended to wear a skin melt hd lace wigs while swimming as the adhesive used to

secure the wig may not hold up to prolonged exposure to water,

especially in chlorinated or saltwater environments.

If you must wear a lace wig while swimming,

there are a few things you can do to help ensure it stays in place:

  • Use a waterproof adhesive:

There are adhesives specifically designed for use in water,
such as waterproof wig glue or tape. These may provide better hold than regular wig adhesive.

  • Apply extra adhesive:

Apply extra adhesive around the edges of the wig to help keep it in place.
Be sure to allow the adhesive to fully dry before getting in the water.

  • Wear a swim cap:

A swim cap can help keep your wig in place and protect it from the water.
You can wear the wig underneath the swim cap or attach the cap to the wig using clips or adhesive.

  • Avoid underwater activities:

If possible, avoid activities that involve submerging your head underwater,
such as diving or jumping off a diving board.
These activities can increase the likelihood of your wig coming loose.

skin melt hd lace wigs

Relaxed African american hair 

It’s important to note that even with these precautions,

wearing a lace wig while swimming is not a guarantee that it will stay in place.

It’s always best to take extra care when wearing a wig in water

and consider alternative hairstyles or head coverings if possible.