Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig

April 15, 2013 in hd lace front wig human hair

Is it necessary to bleach knots?

Everyone want to find a vendor that can offer a high-quality product.

Let’s discuss the bleached knot first,

A lot of dark haired wigs or hair pieces will say the knots are bleached only for it to arrive and the knots not actually be bleached.

Bleaching knots can weaken knots and lead to more shedding,

so please don’t mind when knots aren’t bleached.

Even if you bleach the knots, most people still put concealer in the part.

so it’s not necessary to bleach knots.

how to take the orange off lace after bleaching?

Using purple shampoo helps eliminate orange brassy look on the lace.

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig

wig knot concealer before and after

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig

Most people like that they specifically stated they were not bleached.

But, they do mind when brands say they are when they really aren’t.

Our wigs are all lightly bleached knots.

the lightly bleached knots can perfectly eliminate black spots while avoiding shedding.

Pre plucked hairline are single knots and looks more natural.

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig

5×5 lace front wig 3c hair

curly hair types 3a 3b 3c

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig curly hair for black female.

For black people or for curly hair types 3a 3b 3c,

it requires a lot more manipulation with combs and brushes so we lose way more hair then a person with straighter hair.

The straightener the hair the less you have to comb it.

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig

3a curly hair

Also curly hair strands are thinner and require a lot of moisture so we do the loc method.

Leave in conditioner, oil, and curling cream.

This combination in that order helps maintain our moisture balance.

So just remember low manipulation and proper moisturization.

These aren’t the only factors but they are the basics.

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig

3b curly hair

can you exercise with a lace front wig?

If you like to looking good going to the gym,

Yes,you can exercise with a Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front wig,

Get your sweat on and be free.

The issue you always have is keeping your wig in place and trying your best to do this while not using glue or gel.

wearing a wig to the gym

you will love this method and technique.

1.I recommend using the comb that come on the wig cap,

because the combs help to keep the wig also from sliding back

and in place what you’re doing this don’t stick it in too hard.

because you don’t want it to be uncomfortable,

headache and also just don’t want tension on your hair.

so stick it in where it naturally goes into your braid

or until your ponytail however you have your hair underneath your wig.

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front wig

wigs with combs inside

2.we have the adjustable band in the back you like that already comes on the wig cap we have the headband.

3.My best friend is hair pins

and since how i do all my wigs glueless this is how high.

if you do it nice poke it in and i just twist it and go up it’s keeping the wig in place and nice and firm.

we’re going to kind of bend it up and push that all the way in.

You can get these hair pins from amazon.

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front wig

hair pins

4.I recommend having a headband on your wigs especially when it comes to the gym

because you just don’t want to wiggle flying off when you’re doing like you know sit-ups or something

when it’s be nice and firm and staying in place.

if you were to jump up and down a million times she is not moving.

the best part about this all is you can literally take this right off your head when you come home and just relax now.

can you go swimming in a lace front wig?

Yes,you need a glue that can withstand swimming otherwise.

the key is in the multiple layering and Just make sure u wait 24 hours before going swimming.

You’d better test it at home before you brave it at the beach or pool.

Try walkers tape ultra hold glue, it stronger than the Esha glue.

When your wear a wig in the pool and wet it when you get out can you keep the wig on?

Yes just tie your edges til your hair is completely dry so it can re mold.

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig

which is better lace front or full lace wigs?

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front wig and full lace wigs both have their pros and cons,

and the better option depends on personal preference and intended use.

Pros of Lace Front Wigs:


Lace front wigs are generally more affordable than full lace wigs.

2.Easy to wear:

The wig has a more secure fit compared to a full lace wig, making it easier to wear and less likely to slip.

3.Natural-looking hairline:

Lace front wigs often have a realistic-looking hairline, making it easier to achieve a natural look.

Cons of Lace Front Wigs:

1.Limited styling options:

Lace front wigs typically only have hair at the front, limiting the styling options you have.

2.Limited part options:

Lace front wigs often only have one part option, which may not work for everyone.

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig

Pros of Full Lace Wigs:


Full lace wigs have a full lace cap that covers the entire head, giving you more styling options.

2.Natural look:

Full lace wigs have a natural-looking hairline, making it easier to achieve a natural look.

Cons of Full Lace Wigs:

  1. Price: Full lace wigs are generally more expensive than lace front wigs.
  2. Maintenance: Full lace wigs require more maintenance and can become tangled or matted if not properly cared for.
  3. More delicate: Full lace wigs are more delicate and can be easily damaged, especially if not handled properly.

    Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig

    Italian yaki full lace wig

In conclusion, it depends on personal preference and intended use.

Lace front wigs are a good choice for someone who wants a more affordable option with a realistic-looking hairline and easy to wear,

while full lace wigs are ideal for those who want more styling options and a natural look.

Do  lace front wigs cause hair loss?

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig themselves do not cause hair loss.
However, wearing a wig that is too tight or pulling it too tightly can cause traction alopecia,
which is a type of hair loss that occurs when hair is pulled too tightly for an extended period of time.
This can happen with any type of wig, including HD lace front wigs.

To avoid causing hair loss,
it is important to make sure that the wig is not too tight and
that it is properly secured without putting too much tension on the hair.
It is also important to give the hair and scalp a break from wearing wigs to allow them to breathe and recover.

Additionally, if the wig is not properly maintained or cleaned,
it can lead to scalp irritation or infection, which can cause hair loss.
It is important to follow proper maintenance and cleaning practices to keep the scalp and hair healthy.

Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Lace Front Wig