360 lace wig body wave virgin human hair

December 28, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

I did not have a hard time trying to put the wig on and I am in no way shape or form a professional,

but 360 lace wig body wave virgin human hair wig made me feel like one.

I love body wave hair because you can easily just flexi rod the hair back into shape

and overnight for an extra day hair day.

360 lace wig body wave virgin human hair

I just cut the lace and wear it down or into a ponytail.

you can do other hairstyles if you want without the tracks showing.

pre plucked hairline already and with baby hair arond.

I also used a knot healing stick for the knots (foundation would work too).

The lace is thin easy to melt into skin with use gel or hairspray.

360 lace wig body wave virgin human hair is the best wig for someone new to wigs.

360 lace wig body wave virgin human hair

360 lace wig body wave

body wave wig 13×6

I am a everyday Wig wearer so I need multiples.

I did the burn test and the hair went up and flames like reg human hair.

It’s really soft and doesn’t tangle or snag when running fingers through it.

body wave wig 13×6 nice and soft, keeps body even after a wash.

it is glueless one,definitely great value for your money. 

body wave wig 13×6

t part body wave wig

the lace is made into a u shape so you loose parting on the sides because tracks will show.

If your doing a middle part your good.

the tracks was all the way to the front so

there wasn’t any space for plucking the hairline to get a natural look.

can you do a body wave on colored hair?

Human hair will dry easily after leaving the donor,

therefore please do not dye or bleach the hair frequently.

we can customize for you,like a burgundy or cinnamon color.